Rose quartz and Serenity- Pantone color for 2016

In case you were up for a revamp  and didn’t know which colors to choose for your nest, you should keep in mind that rose quartz and serenity are the designated PANTONE colors of the year 2016.  Yes, you read well. This year, it’s all about these two.

In 2016, the two tranquil, yet statement shades will prevail in all major fields of design.



rose quartz serenity blue pantone colors designer pillow
Cushions found on
Ascot chair in Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue

The choice of the pale shades aims to induce ” feelings of stability, constancy, comfort and relaxation,” and  “create balance in a chaotic world”. All the more reasons to opt for these colors in our homes.
Sitting room in Pantone colors,le-bleu-serenity-de-pantone-avec-quoi-l-associer,542220.asp
Pantone colors for the bedroom

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  1. debra hall says:

    I was intending of doing a fashion related post for this Pantone theme in February but never got round to it, but I very much enjoyed this post, well done!


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