Today’s pick: playful bathroom tiles

Partern floors. Lately, it’s been all about the choice of playful geometric pattern or oriental-inspired pattern rugs, carpets or tiles.

And it couldn’t work better for an interior. Pattern gives depth to the layout, on one hand, and adds character to the overall design, be it the living room or  bathroom. When it comes to colors or model, possibilities are endless. You can either  go crazy on a Moroccan whimsical model, and continue with squares for the walls, or you can choose  a more minimalist look, in a monochrome palette or in choose  plain tiles.
Black and white geometric pattern in contrast with the brass finishing for an eclectic style


source: instagram
The warm color in the tiles goes with the grid- divided window
geometric motíf


found on Pinterest
minimalist look in plain yellow tiles



Source: instagram
Whimsical pattern plus plain white squares
colored oriental pattern and plain white



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