Let there be L i g h t || Muuto

It all started with the first beam of light. And it has pretty much been so since the beginnings. We wake up as soon as the light is on, we turn the lights on at night, because we are not endowed with night vision (yet) and we turn off the light when we want to call it a day. Lights are a significant part of our lives.

To celebrate the benefits of not being in the dark, Monday evening’s post is about light solutions.

From classic floor lamps to minimalist industrial-inspired hanging bulbs, integrated in a plain white simplistic design. Most of these are versatile, and  add personality to an eclectic interior.

the_more_the_merrier_e27_1_Mattias Ståhlbom
The versatile E 27 by Mattias Ståhlbom  in cluster resembles a chandelier – the Scandinavian minimalist way
MHY by Norway Says Also available in rose, green, yellow and neutrals
The PULL floor lamp by Whatswhat Perfect in a minimalist decor
Harri Koskine’s Cosy Grey glass table lamp
Grain / Jens Fager

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