3 reasons to opt for open shelving in your kitchen

Choosing the kitchen storing units is one  of the most crucial decisions when it comes to decorating the kitchen. For some of us, it’s all about the most stylish design and high-end materials for much sophisticated cabinetry. It’s always very important to match the fabric to the floors and to have some sort of correlation between colors of the storing unit and the other pieces in the room.

On the other hand, many home owners are more open-minded and opt for a more  minimalist design to incorporate in their habitat. Open shelving units  are always a more easier to integrate in a design, given their known versatility.   While most of the times it comes to the overall visual impact, we should not forget the purpose of the storing unit: to store things. Speaking of which, customers are left with  the question: “Is it good to  have open shelving units for the kitchen?”, and designers provide a list of pros and cons whether to opt or not for open shelving in one’s kitchen.

So, yes! Go for the open shelving unit. Here’s 3 main reasons why you should choose these:

  • versatility: they go spectacular in pretty much any style
  • convenience: less expensive, but in no way inexpensive
  • efficiency: ergonomically designed, major space-saver
  • visual-wise: best way to display elements of decor, pot plants, etc


Aesthetics, aesthetics. It is all about the squeaky clean white, with the precious white China displayed.

Here we have the shelves integrated in a combination  with closed cabinets. What is revealed and is easy to access are several sealed jars  and only a few plates and bowls for the daily use.

bespoke shelves kitchen with sliding glass panels
Bespoke shelves kitchen with sliding glass panels. 1 star for the ergonomics and another, for the looks.
Floating shelves for a more transparent look. Cabinets would have otherwise concealed the beautiful tiles.
This shelving unit works well for storing daily basis products and for displaying elements of decor. It goes all the way up and maximizes the space.

Now… What do you think about using shelves in your kitchen?

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