Modern meets Colonial meets Tropical

If you are trying to better understand and use intelligently originally the whole banana-leaf-tropical-exotic print (as seen pretty much everywhere, lately), or you simply love how a rattan chair and brown massive wood furniture add to an airy room, then what you’re probably trying to track down is the British Colonial style .

The colonial  style originates from the Early 18th century interior design style of the European homes. Once the settlers settled in the United States, they brought along the style from their homes. The colonial stands for functionality, simplicity, naturalness (of the colors, fabrics).

Table setting with colonial influences
Colonial house in Washington

Now, for  a more in-depth take, one of the branches of the colonial style is the Tropical British Colonial, which is an entirely original approach. The aforementioned style resulted from the combination of the Brits’elements of decor, which they brought along when they settled in the colonized territories, and the adjustment to the region’s needs, namely extreme, tropical heat.

The Tropical colonial style was characterized again by functionality. The prevalent colors were natural colors, beige, whites, browns, in soft tones, natural to keep the heat away. The rooms were airy and spacious.

Ratan and shutters and tropical-motif pillowcases and sheets


Again the rattan truck, bamboo ottoman and chair, four poster bed with white sheets and shutters for the windows, to keep the heat away



Airy and lush, at the same time. See the motifs and the texture of the drapes

If opting for the British Colonial style, make sure to original elements, to reflect your own personality. After all, your habitat must reflect your own personality, and should not be fitted into a template.

Tropical references: the zebra-printed ottoman chair, the potted plant, the elephant print
Color scheme: neutrals, lots of white and brown, and green
Bare floors in classical print with large tropical potted plants
It comes to several details
And finally, cozy porch, with rattan chairs, cushions and many, many green potted plants







Photo sources: google images, Pinterest eyefordesignlfdmydesignchic


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