Why you should opt for a minimalist interior


Might as well consider it a brief lesson on minimalism.  It is important to seek simplicity in everything. Some of the brightest minds of all times encouraged us to live a simple life, and gave us aphorisms such as the  popular “Less is more”.

This was the motto adopted by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in his works, which were using only the utmost necessary elements of a design, making them serve multiple purposes, in order to obtain an image of things extremely simple.

House designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1951
House designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1951

Minimalist is a type of aesthetics developed in the mid-century modern period,  strongly originated in the Japanese traditional design, interpreted, re-invented and still implemented until the present day. The Scandinavian design perhaps remained most faithful to the minimalist requirements, managing to revive the austerity of minimalism and add a touch of warmth to the rigor of the “Less but better” motto (yer another interpretation of the <<Less is more>> concept, propagated by industrial designed Dieter Rams). Will be returning to discuss more on the Scandinavian design topic in a latter post.

minimalist relaxing interior
Minimalist rooms and tidiness are relaxing for the mind

Now, why should we opt for this style?, you may ask.

Here are two main factors for you to reconsider for your interior design and decorating options. Only 3. Yes, keeping it all the way minimal.

  1. The visual impact on our minds. Our living space strongly affects our emotional and nervous system. First and probably the most important, minimalism equals simplicity, equals less, so more spacious interiors are very beneficial to us. Rooms should be well-lit, airy, cleared of anything unnecessary and provide the comfort necessary to re-charge for a new day. A minimalist design helps us process better, relax and rest.  Therefore,  clutter is bad. and we should avoid making our habitat become cluttered.

    Symmetry, combined with light and natural colors, has a positive impact on our nervous systems and help us rest and become more productive.
  2. Functionality. No need to insist on this matter. A house must be functional. Otherwise, we would be dealing with an art gallery, a museum or anything, but a home. So, why not make things easier, and give up anything that doesn’t serve a precise purpose, or which doesn’t remotely contribute to the general aesthetics, the color scheme or occupies too much space. For instance, why use a jukebox (hilarious example) in a relatively small space, when it is neither a ’50s themed diner, or an antiques shop? And finally, it much easier to keep a minimalist house clean, then pick up elements of decor, one by one, and dust them off.
    Minimalist bedroom
    Reducing the bedroom to what is strictly necessary, without making it look austere or too bare. The balance between functionality and aesthetics is easily noticeable. 

Minimalist Condominium Bedroom Interior Design


Scandinavian inspired minimalist bedroom
Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room
minimalist kitchen
Minimalist bathroom
Minimalist bathroom









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