Living room inspiration: how to style a grey sofa


What better choice of color for a living room than neutrals? And why? For countless reasons. Keep in mind: you can never go wrong with neutrals. 

In fact, there should be a saying (if it isn’t, already): “When in doubt, go for the neutrals”. And here you can choose from a variety of warm tones of beige, creme, darker and lighter shades of brown.

After deciding on a few shades, avoid making the design dull, and instead create contrasts. Grays particularly go very well with almost every color: imagine yellow, red, blue,  with black and with white, with orange.

The living rooms below are an example of mastering the styling of a grey sofa, of using various textures, and creating playful contrasts, by combining a variety of colors for the cushions and for the wall art.

grey sofa and blue cushions
Grey sofa and blue cushions flanked by a wall gallery in geometric and floral pattern

See how the darker shade of grey from the sofa is carried in the lighter shade of the rug, in the pillows on the floor, and in several other details, in a discrete manner.

Everything goes well with everything and there is a general sense of harmony in the design.

grey sofa yellow cushions snake plants
Grey sofa plus yellow cushions
grey sofa and blue cushions
Grey sofa, cushions in blue and black and white pattern

Which is your color scheme for the living room?

Photo Source
1. Home Adore
2. We Heart it

3. Styling by The Habitat


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