Fall 2016 Home Decor Trends

Fall is the season of stories. A season of reading books and magazines by a mug of hot cocoa, snug in the warm bead spreads, be them in the softest fabrics.

The story of the 2016 Fall trends in interior designs begins with a cozy design, natural materials, natural colors (or neutrals), as much light as possible and the smell of the loveliest scented candles.

The story starts with MARBLE. 

Styling a room using marble details does wonders to the general design, if integrated properly. It looks beautiful both in a minimalist design and also in an eclectic mise en place, abounding in various textures and styles. So, for the Fall 2016 interior styles, your interior decor should should include subtle marble statement objects, such as the clock below.

marble clock fall 2016 interior design

While on the tactile side, let’s think of the natural materials, say linen, raffia, bamboo, wood.  Choosing as much natural fabrics as possible is the safest road toward a tasteful-looking home. The key-words for the 2016 Fall home decor are texture and warmth.

natural materials interior decor 2016 fall
Aged Wood, rattan, linen and wool

The Fall 2016 Home Decor Trends story peaks with an inspired choice of natural earthly colors. The best stories are told in shades of beige, grays and whites.

neutral colors living room fall 2016
Neutrals for the living room

 Stories belong to books and books belong on shelves. So why not have bespoke open shelves, which are both practical and good looking?

Open shelves are major life savers, as they are first of all space savers, versatile and timeless.

Small and mid-scale patterns for a change. Because why not? We’ve had our share of large prints, and 1 letter minimalist motifs. It’s time to revive a long-forgotten look.

Floral and vegetable small patterns for a refreshing feeling.

Which is your favorite look and what would you add to this list?







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