Tips for achieving a Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom style

Baby it’s cold outside!

As soon as you find yourself whispering this, you know it’s time to switch to winter interior decor. What best style to swear by this Fall/Winter, than the cozy Scandinavian style, which we all adore?

Scandinavian style is often associated with simplicity, but has nothing to do with austerity. So there is no reason why it shouldn’t abound in  elements of decor and styling to make it feel homey.

In order to achieve a warm, comfy style for the bedroom, that is both pretty, but most of all functional, it only takes a few adjustments and it pretty much revolves around one or too things: textures and fabrics.

Cushions help. The more, the merrier

You might want to snuggle in half a dozen pillows, cushions, duvet and blanket. Keeping the body surrounded, if not flanked, by as many items in a variety of fabrics, helps keep you warm. And it makes for a dreamy fairy-tale-like decor.

Keep some extra cushions and a blanket close by, in case your best friends want to visit you. Source: Milashem

 Fabrics can keep you warm. If it feels good, it is good!

You might want to stick with wool, linen and other natural materials.

The good ol’ chunky blanket does wonders when your feet or back are numbed with cold Source: 
Natural fabrics are lovely to be in and look perfect together. Source:

Master the art of layering

We should combine a variety of fabrics out of so many reasons. Firstly, as much as we would like it, we cannot drape ourselves in velvet. There needs to be a sense of harmony in every decor. Second, some rougher materials do not go well with other more finer ones. Not to mention that only by mastering the art of layering, one can achieve the most gorgeous of looks.

Crowded throw-pillows, duvet, bed sheet and blanket, yet perfectly in balance Source:
Layer one, layer two, topping with something heart-warming Source:

Elements of decor which make you think of warmness 

Such as a furry rug, plenty of light, garnished with more pretty lights in the evening. Perhaps a reading nook to snuggle in.

This one has it all: the rug, the stool cover in puffy materials, the blanket and the cushion by the chair. Tactile insanity Source:

And last, something to dream about…


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