Decorating for christmas part II: White chic

White is a symbol of peace, purity, light (enlightenment), something that we all seek especially around Christmas time. And snow. We all secretly dream of snowy white Christmases. Therefore, white is a recurring theme, almost ubiquitous this time of the year. 

When it comes to decorating with white, there is no style that isn’t lifted by adding white elements. And, if so, why not go a bit crazy and have it all in white?

Either going for a minimalist Scandinavian style, a Nordic hygge-inducing decor, or for a less-niched rustic style, or  if you are more on the more lavish, extravagant side, sticking with white for the Christmas decor can work magic for your home. The general feeling will be of unity and serenity, and the house will be flooded with light.

Here’s a selection of Christmas-gone-all-white interiors and elements of decor.

Gorgeous living room decorated mostly in white, with hints of pale pink.
pinkblackandwhitefloralchristmasdecor2016- living-room
Still dreaming of THIS white Christmas


If you want it rustic, possibility are endless. via


Plenty of white, some coziness and fluffiness by the fireplace via

Obviously, on can very on the same theme, because a little silver and a bit of golden never killed nobody.



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