Tips for a Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom

Baby it’s cold outside! As soon as you find yourself whispering this, you know it’s time to switch to winter interior decor. What best style to swear by this Fall/Winter, than the cozy … Source: Tips for a Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom

Art Nouveau in Contemporary Interior Design

Art Nouveau is an artistic style mostly employed in design, architecture and visual arts, which emerged in the first part of the 20th century. The new artistic movement was a response to Neoclassicism and also a link between the end of the 19th century design and modern mid-century design. 

Why you should opt for a minimalist interior

Might as well consider this a lesson on minimalism. First of all, it is important to seek simplicity in everything. Some of the brightest minds of all times encouraged us to live a simple life, and gave us aphorisms such as the popular “Less is more”.

Kid’s room

In a long quest to find inspiration for the ideal kids’room, the search ended with  this beautiful habitat for the little ones. Tens of designs and it cam to this one: the room with the most personality. The focus stands on the avian-inspired wallpaper, whose repetitive motifs contracts the simplicity of the plain white bed. The curtains selection, the…