Finding of the day

An irresistibly chic reading space. It is simple, yet sophisticated. The vintage look of the sofa successfully merges  into the contemporary suspended bookshelves.  

Today’s pick:the impeccable white dining area

All-white dining area: white table, white chairs, blended over an equally white wall. The brown hardwood floor manages to compliment (and complement) the clean aesthetics and the earthy tones are carried to the chandelier. The kitchen turquoise cabinetry in the background is after all a show-stopper.  

Mirror, mirror

Mirror. Because don’t we just love ourselves? Or, at least, to stare at ourselves. Fortunately,  this beautiful piece is more than just an object of vanity and self-adoration. For a while now, the mirror has been turning into  a statement about – you guessed it-  ourselves: our taste, our financial status, our state of mind….

3 reasons to opt for open shelving in your kitchen

Choosing the kitchen storing units is one  of the most crucial decisions when it comes to decorating the kitchen. For some of us, it’s all about the most stylish design and high-end materials for much sophisticated cabinetry. It’s always very important to match the fabric to the floors and to have some sort of correlation…

Let there be L i g h t || Muuto

It all started with the first beam of light. And it has pretty much been so since the beginnings. We wake up as soon as the light is on, we turn the lights on at night, because we are not endowed with night vision (yet) and we turn off the light when we want to…

Serendipity: the NAMASTE armoire

Have you heard of serendipity? Of course you have. How about design-serendipity?  If not, there should be something to define an encounter with a beautiful piece of design you absolutely fall for. And well… This was the case with the Habitat and the Namaste wardrobe.   Ergonomic, versatile and spacious, the wardrobe fits in conveniently…