Finding of the day

An irresistibly chic reading space. It is simple, yet sophisticated. The vintage look of the sofa successfully merges  into the contemporary suspended bookshelves.  

Tips for achieving a Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom style

Baby it’s cold outside! As soon as you find yourself whispering this, you know it’s time to switch to winter interior decor. What best style to swear by this Fall/Winter, than the cozy Scandinavian style, which we all adore?

Vintage-inspired Kids Room

The room chosen for today’s interior inspiration is a kids’ room styled in a quirky vintage note, with a nostalgic, yet progressive vibe to it.

Art Nouveau in Contemporary Interior Design

Art Nouveau is an artistic style mostly employed in design, architecture and visual arts, which emerged in the first part of the 20th century. The new artistic movement was a response to Neoclassicism and also a link between the end of the 19th century design and modern mid-century design. 

Look de jour: Bohemian bedroom

A meticulously “unpolished” look, with barn-inspired white ceiling, white plank boards wall garnished with bohemian vintage accessories. The delicate  white bedspreads, the chic suspended lamp and the prettiness of the accesories add amazingly well to the rought edges of the wooden floor, wooden cabinet, peaking with the thorny cactus. The entire room seems like an oxymoron. Definitely…

Modern meets Colonial meets Tropical

If you are trying to better understand and use intelligently originally the whole banana-leaf-tropical-exotic print (as seen pretty much everywhere, lately), or you simply love how a rattan chair and brown massive wood furniture add to an airy room, then what you’re probably trying to track down is the British Colonial style . The colonial  style originates from the…

Discrete contrasts 

Something old, something new and definitely   something blue. This living room has what it takes to  make a powerful statement. It starts with the star of the design, the blue sofa, continues with the whimsical rug in black and white stripes, to which the colors of the elements of decor add discretely. Not to…

Today’s pick:the impeccable white dining area

All-white dining area: white table, white chairs, blended over an equally white wall. The brown hardwood floor manages to compliment (and complement) the clean aesthetics and the earthy tones are carried to the chandelier. The kitchen turquoise cabinetry in the background is after all a show-stopper.  

The glass house

We thought we’d provide you with some bespoke imagery from Presenting to you: the glass mansion.

3 reasons to opt for open shelving in your kitchen

Choosing the kitchen storing units is one  of the most crucial decisions when it comes to decorating the kitchen. For some of us, it’s all about the most stylish design and high-end materials for much sophisticated cabinetry. It’s always very important to match the fabric to the floors and to have some sort of correlation…

Let there be L i g h t || Muuto

It all started with the first beam of light. And it has pretty much been so since the beginnings. We wake up as soon as the light is on, we turn the lights on at night, because we are not endowed with night vision (yet) and we turn off the light when we want to…