Art Nouveau in Contemporary Interior Design

Art Nouveau is an artistic style mostly employed in design, architecture and visual arts, which emerged in the first part of the 20th century. The new artistic movement was a response to Neoclassicism and also a link between the end of the 19th century design and modern mid-century design. 

The glass house

We thought we’d provide you with some bespoke imagery from Presenting to you: the glass mansion.

Potted plants for a fresher look

Spring is (almost) here, so there is no better time to consider adding a few potted plants to your habitats. The following gallery shows how you can integrate green leafy plants to basically any type of room.    

Rose quartz and Serenity- Pantone color for 2016

In case you were up for a revamp  and didn’t know which colors to choose for your nest, you should keep in mind that rose quartz and serenity are the designated PANTONE colors of the year 2016.  Yes, you read well. This year, it’s all about these two. In 2016, the two tranquil, yet statement shades…